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History of Jewelry

History of Jewelry

Arguably, the earliest piece of jewelry worn is the necklace. Jewelry has always been a part of the human story and not just a wearable. They serve ceremonial, religious, magical, or funerary purposes. More recently they are worn just because, as a fashion statement or "just to look good".

ancient greek jewelry

The interesting observation is that this unique human creation has structurally remained the same over the ages. Perhaps because the neck is still the neck and the wrists remain the same. The same natural materials like feathers, plant materials and bones used before the bronze age are still used today.

Metallic jewelry appeared during the Bronze Age (3000-600 BC). Necklaces were first seen in the art of the ancient Near East (the modern Middle-East). Since then necklaces and other jewelry items have been made with gold, silver and eventually non-precious metals coated with gold or silver using the process of electroplating.

The adornment of beautiful jewelry was once limited to the royals and aristocrats partly because of the price tag and also as a distinction of office or position in the society. Advances in jewelry making have made it possible for everyone to wear aristocratic jewelry at an affordable price. There are so many choices and yet we still wear the same feathers, agate, crystal glass, lapis lazuli and shells that our cave ancestors wore.

The bottom line is; it's not the price of the wear but how it makes the wearer feel. After all, your jewelry is only worth what you say it is.   

  • Tiamiyu Oladipo
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